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Top 5 Cake Tips

Testing Cakes

Use a skewer to test cakes. Push the skewer gently through the thickest part of the cake, to the bottom of the tin. Remove the skewer slowly-if the skewer is clean the cake is done; if the skewer has uncooked mixture on it, cook the cake further. For sponges, press the top of the cake lightly, if cake springs back quickly, it is cooked.

Cake tin size

Check the size of your tin by measuring the diameter or width and length of the base (not the top). It’s important to use the tin size specified in the recipe, or at least one of the same cup capacity-check by measuring with water.


To achieve a marbled effect in a cake, dollop the various coloured mixtures into the cake pan, then pull a skewer through the mixtures. The same technique can be used to get marbled icing.

The right size tin

Cake mixture should only fill 2/3 tin, allowing it room to rise.

Don’t open the oven door or disturb the cake until it has finished rising and is partially browned, or your cake may sink