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Safety & Hygiene

As the bakery is a food processing facility with moving machinery, the following rules and regulations need to be followed for your own safety and for the safety of persons around you.

  1. No open-toe shoes, high heels or sandals may be worn in the baking lab.
  2. Long trousers, preferably white, must be worn. T-shirts are acceptable.
  3. All students will wear an apron, hair net and beard snood (if applicable) whilst in the baking lab.
  4. No costume jewellery, watches, bracelets, rings or earrings may be worn whilst in the baking lab.
  5. No pens, pencils, etc, shall be carried above the waist.
  6. No nail polish on the fingernails shall be worn.
  7. No ties or neck scarves will be allowed to be worn in the bakery.
  8. Please wash and sanitise your hands before entering the bakery and after any visit to the bathroom.
  9. No smoking will be allowed in the bakery or toilet facilities.
  10. No chewing of gum, eating or drinking will be allowed in the baking lab unless sanctioned by the instructor.
  11. Clean up any liquid spills immediately.
  12. Replace the lid on any ingredient container once finished.