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How to Write a Business Plan

Putting off writing your home bakery business plan? It’s easier than you think – especially with the basic outline that we’ve put together below. Let’s start planning your dream home-baking business.

Write down these details for your cover page:

  • Business Plan for [write your bakery’s name here]
  • Date
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Facebook or Instagram name
Section 1: THE BASICS

This will be your mission statement where you’ll cover what makes your business tick. It’s also a handy tool to help guide you on what you want your business to look like in the future. If you can’t answer these questions right now, pause and do some research first.

Now write out this info:

  • My dream for my Home Bakery is to
    [share your dream – is it to bake from home full time? Or maybe it’s to offer a certain product in your area? Think about what you want from your business]
  • My favourite products to make and sell:
    [list the products that you will be selling]
  • My competition is:
    [are there other home bakers doing the same thing? List their names]
  • This makes my baking special:
    [is it a family recipe or quality ingredients like SUPREME?]

This part of your business plan is important. Home baking businesses need customers if they want to grow! So, let’s look at who you will be selling to.

  • These are my customers:
    [describe them: how old are they? Are they usually male or female? What products do they buy from you? Do they live close to you?]
  • How many orders can you bake every day?
    [so that you know how much to bake]
  • My business will be successful with them because of my:
    [family recipe, clean baking area, great tasting goods, or good prices, or…]

This section will cover your products and services which you’ll need to make your home baking business profitable. These are important things to think on, so take your time here. There’s no rush – you are the boss!

  • These are my baking times:
    [how much time do you need to prep and bake?]
  • This is how long it takes me to bake one batch:
    [Write down how long it takes to bake a batch]
  • This is how many items I can make in one batch:
    [Write down how many products you usually make in one batch]
  • This is the equipment I need:
    [write a list and see what you still need]
  • I need SUPREME flour, plus:
    [make an ingredients list and write down where you will buy each item]
  • How much do I need to start?
    [Next to equipment and ingredients fill in how much each item will cost and add it up]
  • This is my pricing
    [What is the cost of your ingredients each month? How much will you charge for your products?]
  • Do I have enough money to get started?
  • Do I need to borrow and how/when will I pay it back?
    Y/N – explain 
  • It costs me this much to bake ONE batch:
  • I can sell that batch for this much: