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Lining Cake Tins

Lining square cake tins – (If the cake tin has round corners follow the instructions for lining a round). If the cake tin has sharp corners, line cake tins by cutting strips of paper the width of the tin and long enough to go over two sides and the base, hanging out about 5cm from both the sides. Do the same for the opposite direction.

Lining round cake tins – Cut strips of brown paper or greaseproof paper about 10cm wider than the depth of the cake tin. Fold over the long edge of the paper about 2.5cm. Cut this 2.5cm strip up to the fold line about every 2.5cm. This will enable the paper to fit around the curve of the cake tin. Use the base of the cake tin draw out circles of paper, place inside the tin on the base.

Remove the lining from the cake before it goes cold.