Welcome to the Siyabhaka Academy Class of 2022

Welcome to the Siyabhaka Academy Class of 2022

This February, the SIYABHAKA ACADEMY welcomes 14 new learners on their baking journey. These students have been carefully selected from across South Africa to take part in this 18-month programme.

Our students will receive an NQF2 and NQF3 qualification and in addition to this, they’ll gain the practical baking skills that are largely required by the current baking industry. The Siyabhaka Academy offers learners the opportunity to gain experience in both a classroom and in-store bakery environment. They are also provided with the mentorship and guidance of our technical advisors and have access to the highest quality flour and training.

The Siyabhaka Academy is one of only two academies in South Africa that offer a bread, flour, craft, and confectionary baking qualification. Some of the skills that the learners will be exposed to are the practicality and theory behind bread, rolls, sweet doughs, frozen products, and food handling.

Nosipho Mbatha said that she’s “excited about this opportunity because I’ll learn more and gain experience in the baking industry, which will help me utilise my skills and provide more for my community by creating opportunities for them too. I hope to open my own bakery one day”.

Rendani Ramaru is looking forward to transitioning from home baker to professional baker. She’s excited to be involved in the wonderful process of transforming a raw ingredient, like flour, into tasty baked products that everyone can enjoy.

Mixo Manamela feels privileged to be working with such a big company like SUPREME Flour and to have the opportunity of acquiring new baking techniques. He cannot wait to learn how to make a caramel swiss roll!

Sandra Garner, Learning and Development Specialist at RCL Foods, stated that “the quality of the learners has improved, and we are finding more people applying who are really passionate about baking. The in-store bakery controllers and shop managers, who are assigned learners for practical training, are very eager to place them once they have completed their programme. This is due to their positive attitude and expansive knowledge received from the programme”