General Info

Preparation: 4 hours
Baking: 40 minutes
Ready In: 4 hours 40 minutes
Servings: 24 Loaves


  • BIGA (Mix the day before)
  • 3 kg Supreme Crispy Crust Prepared Mix
  • 0.5 kg Supreme Continental Rye Prepared Mix
  • 0.045 kg Yeast (Compressed bakers)
  • 3.8 kg Water
  • Bread dough (Day of baking)
  • 3.25 kg Supreme Crispy Crust Prepared Mix
  • 0.02 kg Yeast (Compressed bakers)
  • 0.18 kg Olive oil
  • 1 kg Water

Recipe Instructions

  1. Dissolve the yeast for the "BIGA" in the water.
  2. Place all ingredients of the "BIGA" into a bucket, and mix until thoroughly blended.
  3. Cover the bucket with a damp cloth to prevent skinning.
  4. Allow the "BIGA" to stand in the bakery for 24 hours. Place the "BIGA" in a warm environment in winter, and a cool environment in summer.
  5. The following morning, place the "Bread dough" ingredients into the mixing machine, and add the "BIGA".
  6. Mix the dough as per usual to maximise gluten development – 2 min slow & 8 min fast on spiral mixer. NB the dough must be soft, do not add extra flour!
  7. Remove the dough from the mixing machine and place on a floured table.
  8. Scale off dough into 500 g pieces.
  9. Gently spread the dough out onto a sheet, fold the dough in a "Z" formation.
  10. Coat the surface of the dough with cooking oil.
  11. Repeat the folding process 3 times allowing a resting time of 20 minutes between each fold. Coat the surface of the dough with cooking oil after the folding is complete.
  12. After the final fold is complete, liberally coat the dough with flour.
  13. Allow to dry proof in the bakery for a further 90 minutes.
  14. Bake at 180°C for ±30 to 40 minutes using liberal amounts of steam.

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