Cut a stencil with a simple design from an old cereal box to add a fun twist to your cinnamon dusting.


For the pastry:
113 g Butter
½ cup Sugar
1 Egg
2 cups Cake Wheat Flour
A pinch of salt
2 teaspoon Baking powder

For the filling:
4 cups Milk
1 tablespoon Butter
2 tablespoon Cake Wheat Flour
2 tablespoon Cornflour
Pinch of salt
5 ml / 1 teaspoon Vanilla essence
1 cup Sugar
Ground cinnamon for sprinkling

Recipe Instructions

Pre-heat oven to 180°C.

Cream butter and sugar, add egg, flour, sugar and salt. Combine to form a dough.

Press into 2 small or one large lightly greased tart dish. Bake at 180°C until golden.

For the filling: Boil the milk and butter in a medium pot.

Beat the remainder of the ingredients together to make a smooth mixture.

Add to the milk and bring to the boil again, whisking until thickened.

Pour into the pastry case and sprinkle with cinnamon. Leave in oven to set.

General Info:

20 Minutes
Serves: 1 Tart

Cake Wheat Flour

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