Bulk purchases form a large part of our business, and we have the expertise and technology to make the bulk delivery process seamless for our clients.

Supreme’s white bread flour, cake wheat flour and brown bread flour are available in bulk to our many customers who have large enough volume requirements to order in bulk.

Bulk Customers Benefit
If customers have the infrastructure to receive bulk orders, they will receive cost benefits on the product. In addition, unloading requires a lot less labour, and the process is also more hygienic.

We follow a stringent process when processing our bulk orders to ensure complete satisfaction of our customers. The process begins when the loaded tanker is taken to the first weighbridge and issued with a certificate, before passing over a second weighbridge to confirm the weight of the flour. Only after this dual check is the tanker dispatched to the customer.

Committed to Delivering, Every Time
We deliver to customers in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West Province and Cape Town, and are proud to offer not only exceptional quality flour, but also exceptional service.

We have built a reputation for excellent service, thanks to our stringent quality checks, and have built a solid reputation with many satisfied customers.