Baking is experiencing change at a rapid pace. Sometimes it may be difficult for bakers to maintain a business and simultaneously keep up with the latest trends. As part of its commitment to customers, Supreme Flour is ensuring that they keep abreast and up-to-date with the latest trends and changes.

Baking trends, across the globe, indicate that consumers are looking for something different and more appetising. And they want variety as well.

In the United Kingdom (UK), for example, bagels are enjoying strong growth with an increase in sales of 44% in 2012. Artisan breads is another bread product offering that is enjoying large consumer demand. So much so, in fact, that a predicted 20.3% rise in sales, from 2012 to 2017, has been cited in the United States (US).

“On the back of the popularity of artisan breads, white bread is losing its consumer appeal, especially in Italy where in-store bakeries are offering a host of Italian specialties from Kalmata olive bread to Ciabatta, Focaccia, Panini and Bruschetta,” confirms Judy Laidlaw, Marketing Manager for Bakery and Grains at Supreme and RCL Foods Milling.

Whether consumers feel like eating hot dogs, burgers or sandwiches, it’s always the bread that counts. This is especially the case with a pretzel bun which should be soft, chewy and slightly salty as these flavours add the extra dimension that today’s consumers are looking for.

“Mintel reports that the Pretzel Bun is again on the rise with 160 new pretzel products on the US market in 2012, compared to only 60 in 2009. According to Datassential research, pretzel bread has become the fastest-growing sandwich bread, advancing 36% on sandwich menus from 2011 to 2012,” says Judy.

Other trendy items are Cronuts, a hybrid of doughnuts and croissants, which are enjoying tremendous success in New York and the latest in up-market French Patisserie – savoury pastries. Gourmet doughnuts are trending in the US where they offer unusual and exciting flavour profiles like green tea, grapefruit, Campari and even chilli mango.

Even the traditional French baguette is getting a twist, with La Mie Caline – one of France’s top franchises with 200 stores – experimenting with it.

“Bakeries are not only offering their consumers the new and exciting, they are also reinventing the classics and switching from sweet to savoury to keep their customers coming back for more,” says Judy.

“This is especially important during tough economic times as whilst many consumers can no longer afford to go out for a meal, they can afford to treat themselves with new, interesting and tasty breads,” she adds.

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