Where the world’s best millers and milling technology combine to create Supreme Wheat Flour. With a century of milling experience, RCL Foods Milling has grown and prospered over the years through dedication, commitment and innovation. These attributes, combined with contemporary milling methods, technology, and the experience we have mastered over time, have led us to be the chosen partner and ingredient for many professional bakers in the Business to Business market.

Over the years, we have made significant investments to our mill, enabling the business to increase capacity and the production of consistent quality products, displaying our commitment to ensuring that our customers’ businesses remain successful, whilst strengthening the success and competitiveness of our own business.

Ongoing investments in and changes to our mill are all part of our longstanding commitment to ensuring that everything we’re involved with is matchless, superior, exceptional. Or quite simply, consistently Supreme. Since the move to our current premises in 1948, we are extremely proud to now be recognised as the largest single-site milling operation in Africa, as well as one of the largest mills in the world.