As far back as 1919, a flour of uncompromising quality has been milled at RCL Foods Milling, one of the largest single-site mills in the world and the largest in South Africa.

The RCL Foods Mill is an impressive building in Pretoria, which has taken the space of the original mill and expanded onto surrounding land, yet maintains some of the original smaller buildings, keeping a reminder of its history even as it expands into the future.

The milling process begins with an impressive entry point to the mill, where trucks from across the country arrive, 24 hours a day, all year round, delivering the finest quality wheat.

A commitment to quality is maintained from the beginning to the end of the production process. This is evident in the advanced technology supplied by one of the world’s foremost milling suppliers. This state of the art equipment complies with the latest European food safety standards, is extremely efficient to operate.

World class millers are involved every step of the way, checking quality and ensuring an excellent end result.

Supreme has consistently produced excellent products for the last century, and our commitment to exceptional milling in our world-class facility, means that in the future, we will continue to excel.

Before this wheat can enter the building, it is carefully checked, and batches are rejected, ensuring that only the best quality wheat is accepted for milling.